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Simple ways to transform your living space

Simple ways to transform your living space

The living room is where most of us unwind after a day at work or entertain guests. Changing things up in this space doesn't always have to cost as much as you may think.

Removing something is often the best option.
Frequently people are pondering how to add things to a living area to have a dramatic effect. However, rooms can often accumulate items over time that don't quite maintain that initial impact. Removing these from the area can give a more spacious and clutter-free look. Begin your transformation here; it's quick and costs nothing.

Light is your friend; invite it in.
More light will give the impression of more space in your living area. A cost-efficient way to achieve this is to swap any heavy window treatments like curtains for a more simple blind. In addition, replacing light fixtures with more unshaded variants will add that much-needed brightness to a room. Our industrial themed floor lamp is an excellent example of a shadeless light source.

Accent your colour scheme
When selecting furniture for your living area, always compliment your colour scheme. For example, if you have light walls, consider a coloured accent chair. The Morris Armchair in brown offers a fantastic contrast on white as displayed in the product images. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can go for a striking sofa. The turquoise of the Ripley sofa or yellow cords displayed from the Brantingham is sure to deliver the wow factor.
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