Why we have boarded the bouclé train

Why we have boarded the bouclé train

It may not be the first material that you think of when thinking of chairs; usually, leather, velvet or wool comes to mind. But bouclé fabric, often in white or cream, has become the new kid on the block for upholstered furniture. Naturally soft and durable, often used in clothing, this fabric isn't as juvenile as one may think.

Bouclé from the french "to curl" is a heavy textile containing bobbly, looped yarn. The word itself refers to the yarn used to create a unique looking and comfortable fabric.  

Recently more interior designers have used bouclé furniture to create a luxury feel to their room sets. Interior Maria has a brilliant example of this on her Instagram.

At Rydan, we jumped aboard the Boucle train and selected some bouclé furniture options that we would stock. These items have been some of our best sellers ever since!

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