You should consider Harris Tweed for your home

You should consider Harris Tweed for your home

Are you looking for a statement piece of furniture for your home? Look no further than a Harris Tweed. Trends may change over time, but this style offers something uniquely timeless. This range boasts a selection that displays the character of a traditional farmhouse or a local pub. Harris Tweed refers to any cloth where the virgin wool has been dyed, woven and finished in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Always look for the orb trademark stitched into Harris Tweed Furniture, it’s a significant indication of the authenticity of the piece. Signifying the item was made following all of the traditional methods that date back to the 18th century.

The broad spectrum of colours and patterns displayed on Harris Tweed complement a wide range of furniture. With its warm touch, Harris Tweed makes even a cool room a much more inviting place to start your day with your favourite cup of coffee (we prefer tea, we’re from Yorkshire after all!) or even an ideal environment to sit back and relax in the evenings.

Complements will be plenty with a piece of Harris Tweed furniture in your room. Many choose to complete the look with a smaller complementing item such as a patchwork bean bag. This combined with items like the Bernard Sofa in a Moreland Check is simply stunning. The brown leather piping matched with a brown leather seat cushion oozes quality.

Still not certain if Harris Tweed is for you? Let Rydan send you a sample of the fabric you’re interested in. This will demonstrate the hard-wearing and stain-resistant properties. Don’t just take our word for it, spill something on that sample; we won’t judge you! We’re certain the quality of these stunning fabrics will shine through. One more thing, our frames are guaranteed for up to 15 years too!

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