Our Story

Let us begin with a big thanks to everybody that has supported Rydan along our journey. The mentors, the staff, and most importantly, the customers. This wouldn't have been possible without any of you. Below is a short summary of our trip so far:

Trina started Rydan after working on a wide range of interior design projects internationally and longing for a sense of home. Back in her county of Yorkshire, she now serves clients on a one to one basis providing a diverse range of interior design styles for their homes and offices.

After several years of growing the business, Daniel joined Rydan with the ambition to transition the exceptional local service online for anybody in the UK to experience. The first Rydan online shop launched in 2016. Initially, we had a select few products to ensure that our processes and quality matched what our local clients received. Now, after many iterations of the online service, we have scaled to a wide range of items to suit our ever-expanding client base without forgetting what made us a success in the first place.

Today, our online services have a sole purpose, to bring high-quality furniture designs together, so you can see them without leaving your home. Thus, allowing you to be enticed by great design and unique furniture, sat on your sofa.

~ Team Rydan