Medallion Frost Grey Overdyed Luxury Rug

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Medallion Frost Grey Overdyed Luxury Rug

Medallion Frost Grey Overdyed Luxury Rug

Crafted with the finest Viscose-Acrylic blend, our rugs feature abstract designs and dynamic color combinations. From ageless designs to modern... Read More

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Backing Material

This product has a textile backing and does not contain any latex.


57% Viscose, 43% Acrylic

Delivery Information

In-stock rugs, we ensure they are delivered within 5 days nationwide.

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County of Origin

This item is made in Turkey.


Just as with everything else in life, a rug begins with a good foundation. A rug foundation refers to the base or primary structure of the rug that provides support and stability to the entire piece. It serves as the canvas onto which the decorative elements of the rug are added. The rug foundation is crucial for the overall durability and longevity of the rug.

Warp: The warp is the vertical set of yarns or threads that run the length of the rug from the top to the bottom. These yarns are usually tightly stretched on a loom before the rug weaving process begins. The number and spacing of the warp threads determine the density and fineness of the rug’s construction.

Weft: The weft is the horizontal set of yarns or threads that run across the width of the rug, from side to side. These weft threads are woven over and under the warp threads to create the structure of the rug. Weft threads can be inserted using a shuttle or by hand, depending on the weaving technique.

The combination of warp and weft creates the foundation of
the rug. Once the foundation is established, the decorative elements, such as the pile (in pile-woven rugs) or patterns (in flat-woven rugs), are added. In pile-woven rugs, the pile is formed by knotting or looping yarns around the warp threads, creating a raised surface. In flat-woven rugs, patterns are created by weaving different coloured weft threads in specific patterns.

The rug foundation, being the structural base, plays a crucial role in determining the overall strength, texture, and appearance
of the finished rug. It is an essential aspect of rug making that contributes to the artistry and functionality of the final product.

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